Feed fence

Future safety feed fence

The FUTURE headlock is a very stable construction with a central pivot point. This is provided with a stainless-steel screw and  a nylon bush. The construction allows an even opening at the top and at the bottom. The single release and single lock are easy to operate on the swing arm at the top. The feed fence is suitable for animals older than 6 months and can be installed straight or with an angle and mounted individually regardless of the feeding space width. Later height adjustments are possible. The locking mechanism is centrally mounted on the operating lever. The doors can be swung through freely and are equipped with the proven spring bolt lock. A wicket door in the headlock is possible. The posts of the fence are protected with a PVC sleeve to ensure a long life. The feed fence is available with a door that also serves as a feeding place.

No grinding noises (no metal to metal contact) occurs with the fence, as the swinging guide is made with high-quality nylon material between a double tube. Constant noise pollution means stress for the animals and the keeper. In 2020, the headlock was optimised once again: The fence can be set to the open or locked position centrally by means of a lever – operation is also possible via app with timer and remote monitoring. The headlock can be delivered preassembled in lengths of 6 metres (FUTURE feed fence welded).


  • safety feed fence
  • very stable & durable
  • easy to operate
  • goes into the open position by itself
  • large opening angle at the top
  • low pivot point for young stock (optional)
  • variable installation height
  • suitable for every animal size
  • large installation height (inside height 95 cm)
  • suckler cow version possible
  • nylon bearing with stainless steel screw
  • double tube guide
  • transponder protection
  • individual release/single lock
  • door in headlock possible
  • super quiet (no stress)
  • can be operated manually or automatically via timer with electric lever

Round safety feed fence RB-SFG 22.1

The open construction allows horned animals to exit quickly and easily. For the first time a fence of this type, has an individual lock and release installed at each place to avoid animal stress and to enable the farmer to work efficiently. The fence can be set to the open or locked position centrally by means of a lever – operation is also possible via app with timer and remote monitoring. The bolted and precise construction allows variable stand widths and neck widths. The entire feed fence, including the safety swing arm, is set on one level. The headlock is particularly quiet and low-wear. It is suitable for animals from 16 months. Available with slip or door and in suckler cow design.


  • with safety swing arm
  • single lock/release
  • large entry opening
  • ideal for horned animals
  • straight stance, gentle posture
  • adjustable neck width
  • all stall widths possible
  • available with slip or door
  • suckler cow design possible
  • solid construction
  • extremely quiet and low-wear

Separations for feeding step

With a feeding step, the animals can eat undisturbed. The separations installed after every second feeding place prevents animals from running across the feeding area and obstructing each other. Even in barns with a scraper system, the animals can eat undisturbed while the system is running. The rigid or movable design is suitable for any type of feed fence.


  • suitable for any type of feed fence
  • movable partition (BK system) with stainless steel posts
  • attachment to barn support possible
  • lower emissions (reduced dirt area)
  • mechanical cleaning of the feeding area possible
  • calmer feed intake
  • less stress for the animals
  • no risk of injurie



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